Dr. Mark Piper

Dr. Piper is credited with the development of Doppler auscultation and differential arthrography for the diagnosis of temporomandibular disorders; He has been a major contributor to the interpretation of CT and MR scans of the TMJ. He is one of the original researchers to report the occlusal and facial abnormalities related to childhood growth injuries. He has developed the Piper Classification of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, which is widely used in clinical practice. Dr Piper's surgical contributions include the development of microsurgical joint reconstruction, the utilization of stealth-assisted computer surgery for the release of joint ankylosis, the surgical management of avascular necrosis of the mandibular condyle, joint reconstruction in fractured mandibular condyles, and utilization of autologous fat grafts in the treatment of various temporomandibular disorders.



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