Insurance Information

Our office is happy to cooperate with families who are covered by dental insurance.

We only ask that you read your policy to be 

sure that you are fully aware of any limitations of the benefits provided. 

The fees we charge for services rendered to those who 

are insured are our usual and customary fees charged to all patients for similar services.

 Your policy may base its allowances on a fixed fee schedule

 that may or may not coincide with our usual fees.

 You should be aware that different insurance companies vary 

greatly in the types of coverage available. 

Also, some companies pay claims promptly and others delay payment many months.


Our customary procedure in handling our patients’

 accounts is the same for patients with or without insurance coverage.

 An estimate of the fee is given. We then request that a definite financial arrangement be made with our business manager before beginning any dental treatment.


We will accept assignment of the benefits provided 
by your insurance company, and will consider that when arranging
 your payment schedule. 

Please feel free to discuss any facet of your dental insurance coverage with us.