Who will be cleaning my teeth in your office?

“What types of dentistry do you do?”
Dr. Wenrick does all types of dentistry including crowns, tooth replacement, fillings, partials, dentures and root canals as well as cosmetic dentistry including smile makeovers. Dr. Wenrick also treats headaches and jaw joint problems associated with clenching and grinding of your teeth.
Dr. Wenrick is also a dental hygienist,
 she preforms all necessary cleanings.

How many patients do you see at a time?
Dr. Wenrick chooses to see one patient at a time. Her philosophy of practice is that the patient will always receive her undivided attention while providing the best quality care.

I have an emergency. Can you see me today?
Yes, Dr. Wenrick does not believe in letting anyone suffer with toothache type pain. We will make arrangements for you to be seen.

Do you accept payment plans?
Other than the normal methods of payment, we work with a third party group, called CareCredit. Please see the link on our website under the New Patient tab. We also consider in office financing for qualified applicants.

What kind of dental insurance do you take?

We accept all dental insurances as long 

as your insurance carrier does

not assign a specific doctor for you.

How long will I be kept waiting for the Doctor?
Because we value and respect your busy schedule, we have a policy for our patients not to wait on us for more than ten minutes or we may credit a portion of your visit back to you.

Do you see children?
Yes! We treat all ages groups and
 children starting at the age of three.

I just need my teeth cleaned, is that possible?
As a new patient Dr. Wenrick is obligated to complete a thorough oral exam. Cleanings without examination can be requested after becoming an established patient.